Let's get your show up and running.

One on one online assistance by an engineer/musician/teacher to get your show sounding as good as it can.

Happy clients include IG Wealth, United Nations, Bravo Niagara, Jim Cuddy, Sarah Slean, Said The Whale, STARS..., Measha Brueggergosman, Ben Kunder, Good Lovelies, The City of Pickering and more.

There are several youtube videos that are incredibly useful (will be uploading some as well) in getting most of us set up with our stream. However after having to gain experience in a completely new field, we are left having to also become engineers, lighting technicians, IT support and perform. My plan is taking that stress out of the way by guiding you through different solutions that will help your audience get a great sounding experience. 

I'm also able to, remotely, mix your show, change camera angles, set up your pre-recorded show and more. 


Guillermo Subauste

Covid-19 is changing the way all of us entertainers and artists have to keep creating. I've been making records for more than half my life and I find myself in a position where I can help you find solutions for your own streams. 

The combined experience from having toured worldwide as a musician as well as a sound technician and tour manager, owning my own studio and setting up streams from there, mixing live for TV live performances and resourcefulness from having toured multiple venues with less than ideal circumstances, make me be able to find the best solution for your budget and quality ratio. 

I'm a music producer, engineer and musician. My website for that part of my life is www.pachasound.com 

I've been able to move my studio to my place so happy to keep mixing, mastering and working on your video projects as well. 



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Stream Set-Up

Let's get the best solution for your system with your computer, cameras, phones, interfaces or all different sources you might have. Things can be really simple or more complex depending on your needs.

Remote recording settings

The internet is our friend on this one. 
I'm able to create a private stream for me to be able to set guide you through my preferred mic'ing techniques, gain structure and even your headphone mixes.

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Upcoming Events

Mix session live.
Sun, May 03
Youtube live session
May 03, 7:00 PM
Youtube live session
Live mix session of a song chosen randomly.

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